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Professional Personnel Michigan currently employs over 20 individuals from the Central-Michigan area in manufacturing positions through a few different clients.

We have the network and staff to provide you with quality service quickly and efficiently. Use the contact box below to schedule a meeting to discuss employment options!

The Majority of our staff here at Professional Personnel is employed through production companies that provide products necessary to other industries.

There is no shortage of production jobs at Professional Personnel Michigan, Inc. We find it easy to fill positions with so many qualified individuals.


Professional Personnel Michigan, Inc. has been well established in the city of Midland for more than twenty years.


Aside from occupations pertaining to manufacturing and production, we also provide staffing solutions for clerical positions.

For a more in depth description of what we can offer you as an individual or business, click "Career Services" or "Employer services" on the menu bar.



Professional Personnel Michigan, Inc. does not only operate in the fields listed above! We can offer many different job opportunities! Click the "Contact Us" tab NOW if you need a job and have a good set of marketable skills. We may have a job for you!

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